Sunday, 25 November 2018

Winter Grayling Fishing - November 2018 

 After the last couple of weeks chasing the ladies 'uptop' I decided to stay local in search of them silveriest of fishes - The Grayling. 
Early morning the Clyde Valley was enveloped under a blanket of cold fresh mist which on paper should be an excellent morning for trotting a float down our gorgeous river. The parking in this area has been restricted do to issues with the Mauldslie Bridge leading into the Mauldslie estate but has opened back up again allowing access to this part of the river. It was a very cold start to the day with the issue of the rod rings freezing up continuously but thats all part of the Winter Grayling season. For my efforts I was rewarded with some ladies so it was worth while braving the weather. 

*** Here is a short film clip for you to view if to wish.

Thanks for visiting the blog & tightlines for the Grayling season.
*** Feel free to send in your Grayling pics -


Vid @ FishClyde

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