Saturday, 17 November 2018

Saturday 17th November 2018

Today myself & fishing partner MattF ventured up & down the river in search of the Lady of the stream but unfortunately today was not the day for some Grayling sport.

We fished the trotted maggot under a float all day but from 1st light the sun was high above the river which made fishing conditions very difficult.

We could be doing with a few days of very cold weather to get the Grayling shoaling up.

The forecast for the coming week is not looking good for the Grayling fishing, with the mild temperatures forecasted the ladies will still be spread far and wide

so it will take a lot of leg work to find the odd fish. HURRY UP WINTER !!!!!

The sun over Tinto Hill.

Take care all and tight lines.

Vid @ FishClyde

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