Sunday, 5 May 2019

New tippet line ...

I have been struggling over the last few months with the usual brands of tippet. I have been trying Climax 98 over the last couple of months and can say this has been the best tippet I have used. Not strength is excellent and turnover is also excellent.
The 30m spools below I use for the Rainbow Trout fishing & the 9ft tapered leaders I use for the Brown Trout on the rivers
Price wise the 9ft tapered leaders come in around £2.50 for a pack of 2 & the 30m spools come in around £3.99 per spool.

Enjoy your fishing.

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Cracking Brown Trout ...

Below is a picture from our Facebook member Neil Canavan. Captured and released. On the fly.
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1st reported River Clyde Salmon season 2019

Derek Ramage was 1st out the traps this season with the 1st reported River Clyde Salmon of the 2019 season.

Caught on the fly on his 1st run down the pool, Derek managed to land this cracking MidClyde Salmon. After a couple of pictures Derek released this cracker to carry on its's journey.

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Fish Of The Week - River Clyde Brown Trout 

Clyde angler Ryan Gourlay with this cracking Brown Trout from the River Clyde (UCAPA controlled water).

Well today was by far my most exciting day on the clyde landing this absolute lump of a brown trout... 69cm with the help of Jim Gourlay and it came to a spider pattern of a march brown.. chuffed doesn't describe it 🤣🤣 thought it was a salmon until further inspection.what a lovely fish in the flesh, picture not showing the red spots but lovely fish, if an unusual colour for Clyde fish, possibly a stocked fish from years ago that's grown on.weight unknown but dad estimate much larger than his PB of 6lb, possibly upwards of 8lb,but who cares what a fish anyway.

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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Cracking start to the season for Clyde angler Kevin Hamilton ...

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